Hi, I’m Staria!

I’m from the planet Vulmai in the iO Monkey Cluster Galaxy, and I’m on my first big intergalactic adventure!

I feel super warm to meet you. (We say ‘warm’ instead of ‘cool’ on Vulmai!)

Back at home on Vulmai, we all learn about the importance of our heart, and other people’s hearts, too.

You see, it’s a bit tricky to ignore hearts where I come from, because the Vulmai people have hearts that GLOW outside of their body.

My first mission on this planet is to share some of what I’ve learned growing up in another part of the universe. We have our own take on how to deal with fear, scary things, and all sorts of stuff that can make kids feel sad or upset. I look forward to getting to know more about Earth children, and sharing ideas with you.

Love, Staria xo