About Staria

Staria is a Child of the Stars, and a vistor to Earth from the planet Vulmai (Vool-may), in the iO Monkey Cluster galaxy. She is approximately seven Earth-years old (give or take, time moves a bit differently on her planet).

She came to Earth because she made a special birthday wish for intergalactic adventures.

Staria wanted to meet other citizens of the universe, so on her birthday after her party with her family, she packed an adventure bag, went to the local inter-galactic portal and asked to be taken to the best planet to satisfy her wish for intergalatic adventures.

When she came out the other side of the portal, she found herself on planet Earth, in the Milky Way!

Since arriving, Staria has enjoyed meeting humans and animals, going to the beach, and making friends with three very special sisters. (More on Staria’s adventures to come!)

Something Staria noticed almost straight away is that on Planet Vulmai, some things are the same, but other things are really different.

Back home, everyone is brought up to understand the importance of the heart, emotions and energy, and everyone else’s, too.

All Vulmaians have hearts that can be seen glowing on the outside of their bodies. It’s how they can tell how everyone is feeling. Which is pretty important, isn’t it?

Staria was sad when she learned from her human friends that hearts aren’t given the same importance as minds here on Earth. She learned about bullying, kids being mean to each other, and all the ways that kids don’t feel good enough. She was also really surprised to learn that no one teaches kids about energy, and how to listen to your heart.

So she’s decided to stay for a while and help out the kids on planet Earth with some of her home-grown Vulmai wisdom!